Monday, February 25, 2008

Why the right-wing wont destroy Obama...

Glenn Greenwald writes for

By far, the most significant pattern in how our political discourse is shaped is that the right-wing noise machine generates scurrilous, petty, personality-based innuendo about Democratic candidates, and the establishment press then mindlessly repeats it and mainstreams it. Thus, nothing was more predictable than watching the "Obamas-are-unpatriotic-subversives" slur travel in the blink of an eye from the Jack KingstonsFox News adolescent McCarthyites, and Bill Kristols of the world to APMSNBC, and CNN. That's just how the right-wing/media nexus works.

Far more notable is Barack Obama's response to these depressingly familiar attacks. In response, he's not scurrying around slapping flags all over himself or belting out the National Anthem, nor is he apologizing for not wearing lapels, nor is he defensively trying to prove that -- just like his Republican accusers -- he, too, is a patriot, honestly. He's not on the defensive at all. Instead, he's swatting away these slurs with the dismissive contempt they deserve, and then eagerly and aggressively engaging the debate on offense because he's confident, rather than insecure, about his position...

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Big Yellow Forehead said...

I don't even think that it's just the right wing, but people in his own party who are trying to "destroy" him. Just because someone wears a pin or an American flag bandana does not mean they are any more patriotic; much like having "a" black friend does not make someone any less racist. If Barack Obama did not like this country, why would he still be here? Why would he raise his children here? And why would he be running for President?!

The HRC Posse needs to re-evaluate themselves. Is dividing their party and making the Republicans look less sleezy very patriotic?