Monday, February 18, 2008


Obama supporters creepy?

By Roland Madore

Who are “creepy and cult-like?”

Often our news network and newspaper outlets like FOX, CNN, MSNBC, The Los Angeles Times etc.—and their “talking head” anchors, columnists, and contributors—are the ones who are “creepy and cult-like!” CNN’s recent smear of Barack Obama supporters points this out big time! Carol Costello said that audience response at a Barack Obama rally is "a scene some increasingly find not inspirational, but 'creepy,' " quoting columnists who have likened Obama supporters to members of a cult or described their enthusiasm as "creepy." On-screen text during Costello's report read: "OBAMA-MANIA BACKLASH" and "PASSION 'CULT-LIKE' TO SOME."

Personally, I get so sick and tired with the likes Pat Buchanan, Joel Stein, David Brooks, and Joe Klein who love to rain on Barack Obama’s parade. I wonder what their real motive is other than self-promotion or ratings. Like Hillary Clinton says: “Do a reality check!”

It’s a movement, all right?!? Our goal here is to lift up America and take back our government! Give some of us who are educated and fired up a break! What we’re seeing out across America can’t be stopped anyway, so it doesn’t matter what you all say. I’m convinced Barack Obama can handle the so-called cult following anyway. He’s got the even temperament, the best organization, the obvious competence, the most money, the fresh message, and the growing momentum—even with all the heaping malice!

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