Monday, February 4, 2008

Conservatives say Obama will be hard to beat in general election

David Catron writes in The American Spectator:

...while it is indeed pleasant to watch Obama bedevil the Clintons, conservatives should not become so drunk with schadenfreude that they forget how much harder the Illinois Senator would be to beat than Hillary.

Mrs. Clinton's capture of the Democratic Presidential nomination could unite conservatives, generate an avalanche of cash for the Republican nominee, and produce a record-breaking turnout of Republican voters on election day. Obama's nomination would bring none of these benefits. Indeed, his presence at the top of the Democratic ticket could mean a Democrat victory in November.

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Erik Aronesty said...

Is it easier to imagine Barack Hussein Obama as America's first Catholic/Muslim/Agnostic, Black/White president or Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Methodist Christian from Chicago?

Conservatives know how to play poker. Democrats only know how to be naive (in a cute, you-shouldn't-be-trusted-to-drive-a-car sort of way).