Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Let's turn the page with Obama

By Roland Madore

I voted for President Bill Clinton twice, but as a boomer for Obama in this election, I’m hoping we can turn the page on the Bush-Clinton dynasties and move ahead with the 21st century leadership of Barack Obama because America deserves it.

In a Virginia stump speech yesterday, Hillary said: "When the cameras are gone and lights are out and the crowds have gone home, the president is alone in that Oval Office trying to make the best decisions about the most difficult issues confronting us in the world and as we go forward in this campaign, I want people to ask themselves two basic questions, because this is really what it comes down to: Who do you believe would be the best president for you, your family, your future?" She continued: "But then for us who are Democrats, we also have to ask who can win, who can go the distance?" she said, repeating the argument that she was best equipped to face the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain when it comes to national security and other issues.

When she talks about the president being alone in that Oval Office, I cringe. Both she and Bill were there already and betrayed the trust of the American people. The facts—and they can hurt—as I remember sadly, were that Bill was not always alone in that Oval Office. He had Monica Lewinsky there with him and together they defiled the People’s House. The Republicans will bring this up, but they don’t need to if we move forward with Barack Obama as our nominee. To answer Hillary’s first question then, “No, I sincerely don’t believe you would be the best president for me, my family, or my future. And it has nothing to do with hate; it’s about hope!”

And as Democrats, we should really be asking: “Who deserves to win?” Hillary asks her second question predicated on the wrong premise. Sure, Hillary could go the distance with John McCain when it comes to national security and other issues. But will she be heard over all the anti-Clinton, spewed venom coming from the far right? Plus, with either John McCain or Hillary Clinton, the nation loses and nobody wins. It would be the most expensive, slime-filled contest ever—backward, not forward—featuring his past vs. her past with those two—and bridges to nowhere, in large measure, because of their stands on the Iraq war. I say “No” to Hillary here too because I want to move forward. Our nation’s future and real security rests on the shoulders of Barack Obama ecause the Bush-Clinton dynasties represent too much that is bad with America. Again, we must turn the page to 21st century leadership with Barack Obama. It’s time, and more of the People demand it.

Roland Madore, Fort Collins, CO
Boomer for Obama
Retired teacher with 35 years service

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