Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hillary is out of it!

by Roland Madore

Ann Coulter is in the gutter...and worse than Hillary, so I can't believe in anything Coulter says or does. Regarding, John McCain and Hillary? They're the past, although their association with failed policiies, and the damage they've caused, will affect us well into our future. Talk about guilt by association, the Bush-McCain war in Iraq is on Hillary's shoulders, along with plenty Democrats too.

Moreover, I believe Hillary will never regain momentum in the race with Barack Obama, and I say "Hooray!" The Clinton Machine math is all off and so 20th century. Hillary and Bill have also been just too damn dismissive of all those little caucus and primary states. Hillary herself couldn’t even thank all those who voted for her in Virgina, Maryland, and D.C. before she darted off to El Paso, TX. Then, rather than congratulate Barack Obama for his wins, as all second-place candidates always do, NOT EVEN AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of anything?!? How rude!

Their entire attitude about all this makes them real losers in my book. Rather than just relying on the so-called big states and super delegates, they need to do the new 21st century math of Barack Obama. And, with all due respect, another lesson of this election cycle I hope Hillary supporters especially learn is that not only do we deserve the government we get, but also, part of the individual responsibility of citizens in a participatory democracy is to educate themselves on the important issues of our day rather than follow blindly as the lazy zombies we’ve become. As an English teacher, I always preached this to my students: “If you don’t think for yourselves, there’s always someone else who will do it for you.” Again, wake up, America! Not just the Bush family, but the Clintons are also messing with your minds. At least, John McCain is a national hero, and he deserve our sincere gratitude. But he's an old soldier, who should not die; but at least, fade away.

In truth, this is another time in American history when we need the hope and inspiration Barack Obama offers. His campaign is our wake-up call, an America movement built on a vision of the country we will become if we can rise above the old politics that parses us into separate groups and puts us as odds with one another. As a born-again boomer for Obama, a newly-retired teacher with 35 years of service to our nation’s kids, a parent, and a grandparent, I do not believe Hillary Clinton is the solution to our problems. Instead, she is part of the problem.

Only Barack Obama has the best set of skills to unify this country, rally the Congress to work together to bring about real change in all segments of our daily lives, and lead this country in a new direction with the right moral compass to change hearts here at home and all over the world.

Roland Madore
Fort Collins, CO
Born-again boomer for Obama

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