Thursday, February 7, 2008

Melissa Harris Lacewell asks, "Where was Hillary in 2004?"

Melissa Harris Lacewell writes in a blog post titled "We Can't Wait":

Which leads me to the central question of this electoral season. Why didn’t Hillary run in 2004? In New Hampshire she was brought to the brink of tears as she described her deep commitment to altering the course of our country. She argues that she is ready on Day One. She claims 35 years of relevant experience. So where was she when her country desperately needed her?

Four years ago the Democrats were mobilized to defeat Bush and put an end to the War in Iraq. The folly of W.’s administration was clear from worsening educational outcomes, accelerating environmental degradation and the deepening failure of our war efforts. All we needed was a galvanizing, appealing leader who could put together a winning electoral college coalition. Where was Hillary?

Was she devoid of great ideas for our country then? Is 31 years of experience insufficient to be ready on Day One? Thousands of soldiers in body bags, New Orleans still laying in ruins, the middle class losing its tenuous grip on wealth creation, tens of millions of Americans without health care: those are realities to make an American cry. But where was Hillary?

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