Friday, February 29, 2008

Clinton Denounces Hispanic Supporter's Comments About Obama...

...But does she "reject" her?

Kris Alingod writes for All Headline News:

Clinton was quoted by the Dallas Morning News as saying in a short statement that she "denounces and rejects" Callejo's omments. The former First Lady previously refused to reject the support of Callejo, saying in an a television interview: "I want us judged on our merits. I believe strongly that the fact that we have an Aftrican Ameircan and a woman running for the Democratic nomination is historical and I'm very very proud of that. I want people thought to look beyond, look beyond race and gender."

"This is a free country. People get to express their opinions," she added. "A lot of folks have said really unpleasant things about me over the course of this campaign. You can' take any of that as anything other than an individual opinion."

Some observers have noted that Clinton refused to condemn Callejo's comments in spite of her insistence that Obama denounce Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan's endorsement of him.

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