Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Nation lays out the numbers...

John Nichols writes for The Nation:

Wisconsin, where Clinton had demographic and structural advantages -- overwhelmingly white, working-class electorate with a recent tradition of voting for women in a lot of elections -- important endorsements and union support, she got wiped out.


Exit polls had Obama winning liberals, moderates and conservatives.

Exit polls had Obama winning among white voters and African-American.

Exit polls had Obama winning 60-40 among Protestants and splitting the Catholic vote.

Exit polls had Obama winning urban, rural and suburban areas.

Exit polls had Obama winning union households and non-union households.

Bottom line: Obama won and won and won in a state where it should have been a close race.

Even among women, Clinton was ahead just 51 percent, to 48 percent for Obama.

Among men, it was 66-32 for Obama.

Why didn't Hillary Clinton mention Wisconsin in her speech Tuesday night?
Because there was no good news for her from a state where should should have been a competitor. No good news at all.

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