Friday, February 22, 2008


We are no longer a nation of losers!

By Roland Madore

Why is Hillary Clinton losing the battle against Barack Obama to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for president? It’s all boiling down to which candidate has the best set of leadership skills for the 21st century. More Americans choose his set and reject hers.

We truly do deserve the government we get. And in this cycle, America feels they want, need, and deserve the leadership of Barack Obama. “It’s the People, Stupid,” who believe the time is right, and this is why so many of them, for the first time in a long while, are working nonstop to get him elected. Rather than being a “cult leader,” as the Clinton campaign so absurdly suggests, Barack Obama is in truth a “catalytic leader” because his is a transformational leadership whose mission is making the world a better place for the public good. The phrase was coined and described in the work of Dr. Jeffrey Luke of the University of Oregon. Professor Luke founded The Luke Center for Leadership: It seems Barack Obama has the very type of leadership style we need at this very moment of world history.

According to the Luke Center, “catalytic leadership style is based on a vision, building partnerships, collaboration, and passion.” It’s Obama’s leadership style that is representative of turning the page from the fights, divisions, and the blame game of the past to a brighter future of cooperation, unity, and real solutions for the 21st century. As a nation, we are ready and “fired up” because, rather than remaining stunned silent like deer caught in the headlights of our drivers-in-chief, we, the People have finally gained our wits. As such, we know we’re the deciders in ’08 and, at long last, we reject the George Bush-McCain autocratic style of “forcing your will upon others, not consulting with opposing voices, and falling prey to the supposed collective wisdom of a coterie that never disagreed with you” -- Quoted from

failed policies and the Clintonian bureaucratic style of egocentric calculation, secrecy, and aggressive “gotcha, must-win-at-all-costs” failed strategies. The 20th century Bush-Clinton dynasties have failed us and must end! America is turning the page to the real 21st century leadership because Yes, We Can!

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Thanks for including a link to my original article.

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