Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Former candidate Chris Dodd endorses Obama...

Elana Schor writes for The Guardian:

Barack Obama picked up another high-profile endorsement today, appearing in Ohio alongside former presidential foe Chris Dodd.

Dodd, a Democratic elder statesman with long ties to the Clinton family, also tossed a subtle warning at the former first lady to avoid splintering the party with her attacks on Obama.

"I don't want a campaign that is only divisive here, and there's a danger of it becoming that," the Associated Press quoted Dodd as saying, echoing the sentiment expressed in Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy's January endorsement of Obama.

"I'm deeply proud to be the first 2008 Democratic presidential candidate to endorse Barack Obama," Dodd wrote in an email to supporters. "He is ready to be president."

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Trenton Sims said...

I would Love to see That Heretic Serpent Hillary Rodham Clinton Banished back into the Caldrons of Darkness which she has embraced. Obama & Nader could Mend Fence and Unite Independents with Democrats to form a Brain Trust that would lead us all into the Light and the Glory our Country righteously deserves as the re-born Global Leader that we were always destined to become.
I tell you that Woman is Evil incarnate.
Did you all Whitness what that Demon was spewing from her pulpit On SUNDAY??
OH No She Didn’t.??

For Todays (SUNDAY) Sacrelege, blasphemy, and Atheism..
Mocking the Christian belief in Salvation.
Poking fun and Sarcasm at Believing that Heaven can Open up the sky to those who believe. Laughing at the notion that there are Celestial Angelic Choirs in the Heavens, Hurling sarcasm at those who would believe they can hear. Laughing at Hope.. Laughing at GOD..!!!
Hillary..Can you say Moses?
Did he not part the Red Sea and free his people from the Pharoh?
Who are you Hillary Rodham to tell us all not to believe that all things are possible through our Lord Our God?
It is dillusional to Hope The Lord God would ever extend his ever redeeming, ever forgiving ever everlasting Love to Our Nation? To America and her United States Citizens??
Its dillusional On SUNDAY to think this could be possible ?? 2/24/08
One thing is certain..It won’t be possible under your leadership. You are a non-believer.
I suppose that deceased Dallas Police Officers family should abandon any HOPE for his Salvation. His life was lost performing a difficult and demanding job too. There aint NO GOD coming for him either. Right Hillary??
May God have mercy on your immortal soul Hillary Rodham.
The Lord works in mysterious ways….
And today God exposed your true dark soul to the world. And In so doing, the Nation and the World will be better served.