Thursday, February 14, 2008

Barack needs you!

Despite his current string of victories and the momentum that brings, Clinton currently has a hefty double-digit lead over Obama in OH and PA...

As reported at Real Clear Politics:

Yet more encouraging news for Clinton in newly released Quinnipiac surveys in Ohio and Pennsylvania:

Clinton 55
Obama 34
Undecided 9

Clinton is winning women in the QPoll by 26 points (56-30), those over 45 by 27 points (58-31), and whites by an even bigger margin of 64 to 28.

Overall, Clinton's lead in the new RCP Average for Ohio is 17.3%.

Clinton also holds a 16-point lead over Obama in Pennsylvania, again with a 20-point lead among women and 27 points among whites:

Clinton 52
Obama 36
Undecided 11

You can help turn this around and ensure that Obama sweeps these states!
Phone banking works! Contact your local Obama campaign office (or volunteer office) and join the phone call effort!
You can find out where your local reps are on the Obama site:

Make an account (it's free) and join groups in your area!

You can also get phone numbers and call scripts directly from the site:

Obama phone banking

They aren't currently targeting OH and PA, but you can call other states.
But if you get involved locally, your rep will have numbers for OH and PA.

Let's make some calls and show OH and PA that we're FIRED UP!
This campaign is all about you and me!


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