Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A brilliant assessment of the reality of Clinton's failed campaign

Christopher of From The Left tells it like it is:

The news for the Clintons is really getting worse by the day. She’s lost ten of the last ten primary and caucus races to Barack Obama. Obama is cutting into her core constituents of working class whites and older women. Not only is she losing her base, the money is drying up. The mathematical possibilities for winning the nomination are becoming virtually impossible as she falls further and further behind. Any possibility for victory would require breaking party rules or making shady back room deals that would result in riots in the streets outside the Denver convention.

Sadly, this is all Hillary has left in her arsenal. But even this isn’t looking like a sure thing for her now. The Superdelegates are keenly aware of what circumventing the will of the people would mean to Democrats. Particularly, to those younger Democrats voting for the first time. If the DNC pulls any funny business, the Democratic party will drive away voters under the age of 30 who will not be seen or heard from again.

Even the upcoming primary in Texas — long considered Clinton country, is changing as younger Hispanics no long feel any allegiance to Bill and Hillary. Young, upwardly mobile Texas Hispanics favor Senator Obama 2-to-1 which means Hillary Clintons is left to take her case to the floor of the convention. Imagine how the mainsteam media will report the angry visage of Hillary Clinton alternately braying and crying, as she tries to convince Obama’s delegates that she is somehow entitled to the nomination?

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A must read.

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