Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hillary sinks in the Potomac...

Howard Kurtz writes in the Washington Post:

Before we get to the demographic, geopolitical and psychological breakdowns of Barack Obama's triple victory yesterday, I just want to make one observation.

Hillary Clinton lived in Washington for eight years, in a very large home with a big back yard and a great view. She was a local figure as first lady. She made plenty of appearances in the District, the Maryland suburbs and Northern Virginia, while Obama hadn't even gotten himself elected to the Illinois legislature. She should have had the home-field advantage.

Instead, she got walloped. The easy explanation is that there are a lot of African Americans in the District and Maryland. But Virginia? A big NASCAR state that has tended to elect moderate Democrats such as Chuck Robb, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine? Clinton should have been at least competitive, and she got creamed.

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Long read, but well worth it. Excellent analysis.

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