Friday, March 21, 2008

Poll positions, revisited...

Like I said, the current Gallup poll trend is positive for Obama, and will continue in his favor...


Sen. Barack Obama is now 2 points behind Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Gallup's daily "tracking poll" of Democratic voters.

She leads 47%-45% -- less than the poll's +/- 3 percentage point margin of error. Gallup says it surveyed 1,227 Democrats and voters who "lean" Democratic from Tuesday through Thursday.

Over the past two days, Clinton's advantage has narrowed from 7 points to 5 points and now to 2.

Gallup writes that:

Clinton moved 7 percentage points ahead of Obama in Gallup's March 19 report and sustained a significant 5-point lead on March 20. Her gains were coincident with the controversy over Obama's former pastor and "spiritual mentor," Rev. Jeremiah Wright. However, the surge in Democrats' preference for Clinton that Gallup detected earlier in the week has started to move out of the three-day rolling average, and the race is back to a near tie. It is possible that Obama's aggressive efforts to diffuse the Wright story, including a major speech ... have been effective.

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Big Yellow Forehead said...

Just got back from registering voters in PA, and I must say, there is no doubt Hillary is not going to the same lengths to attract new and former voters as Barack. I did some canvassing in the projects of Harrisburg, and the people I spoke with told me that they have not seen any Hillary supporters in their neck of the woods, and doubt that they ever will.