Friday, March 21, 2008

Perspectives on Wright...

I hate to come back to this issue, but since the media wont leave it alone, I feel compelled to note some of the better discussions on the subject.
The links, two from black writers, two from white writers, give the context and perspective needed to fully understand why Jeremiah Wright said what he said, and how the media has made this into something it's not.

CNN's Roland Martin provides the FULL context of Wright's 9/11 sermon and an honest analysis of it.

Tim Wise also digs deeper into the context and facts behind that same sermon, and explains why America is not able to handle the truth about itself.

Melissa Harris-Lacewell breaks down the realities of the role the black church plays, and why preachers like Wright are necessary for the advancement of the struggle of people of color in America.

Frank Schaeffer points out the conservative republican hypocrisy in decrying Wright's words.

All 4 of these articles should be read by everyone.

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