Thursday, March 13, 2008

A call for change from the bottom up...

Obama campaign organizer M. Katherine Scheidel put forth this brilliant and beautiful call for volunteers:

Folks from PA, DC, CA, TX (to name a few) have already answered this call but we need EVERYONE's help.

A critical Big State vote is coming up in a few weeks. Some of us Obama supporters decided to help our candidate get his message out in a very different way. We have started a campaign to reach out for the hearts of Pennsylvanians, who are critical to this election, through a grassroots-level fight against poverty. We're organizing a virtual food and clothing drive to help some of the poorest folks in Appalachian Pennsylvania and West Virginia in collaboration with some of the local anti-poverty organizations in the region.

I know we have just a few weeks to put this together, but what a powerful statement it would be. This would do three things for us:

1. highlight the combination of Obama's anti-poverty message and his ability to produce change from the bottom up
2. put this campaign's words into action and shows PA and WV the soul of the Obama message
3. retrace John Edwards' recent anti-poverty tour through this region and follow the steps of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, all of whom realized the depth of the poverty in this area.

I think we could quietly put Obama over the top with some real altruism and heartfelt outpouring.

I know this is short notice, but we've started checking things out and have started some of the ground work. Will you join us? If you are willing to help us, please blog this, meet me at or email me if you want in. There's so much more we can share.

Please contact her at for information on how you can get involved.

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