Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yet another voice in the chorus...

Daniel Henninger writes for the Wall Street Journal:

Other than ensuring the Greatest Show on Earth will continue, does it matter that Hillary Clinton defeated Barack Obama Tuesday in Pennsylvania by nine-plus points? Barack Obama is the nominee.

No matter how many kicks the rest of us find in such famously fun primary states as Indiana and South Dakota, it's going to be McCain versus Obama in 2008.

I believe the cement set around the Clinton coffin last Friday. The Obama campaign announced it had received the support of former Sens. Sam Nunn of North Carolina and David Boren of Oklahoma.

Both are what some of us nostalgically call Serious Democrats. They represent what the party was, but is no more: sensible on national security, spending and middle-class values. Obama receiving their imprimatur is like hands reaching out from the graves of FDR, JFK and LBJ to announce: "Enough is enough. This man is your nominee. Go forth and fight with the Republicans." Make no mistake: Superdelegates with sway took notice.

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Big Yellow Forehead said...

The superdelegates would be dumb, to say the least, to nominate Hillary. I'm already pissed off with the superdelegates in my state, where Barack won by a LANDSLIDE, yet they've voted against their constituency. Sometimes I wish I could send a massive slap to all Democratic Party members and tell them to wake up, before disaster strikes (aka McCain winning in November).