Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Clinton backer deliberately stoking Wright flames...

In the cornucopia of desperate tactics and gutter politics that has come out of the Clinton campaign, none is more pathetic and despicable than the insidious and unrelenting race-bating.

Now, Clinton surrogate Lanny Davis stoops to a new low with his blatant fanning of the Rev. Wright flames (considered by many, black and white, to be a "dead horse" at this point) in the Wall Street Journal today.

Davis' FUD (obviously aimed at superdelegates), raises questions that either no one is asking or, more probably, no one cares about.
Indeed, the national and state polls reflect the "non-issue" status the Wright flap has been relegated to in the minds of voters.
Obama leads by nearly 7 points in the national average, and has been steadily closing the gaps in states that were believed to be easy victories for Clinton.

The real irony is that the recent decline in Clinton's poll numbers had nothing to do with the Obama campaign.
Rather Clinton and her subordinates have shot themselves in the foot successively over the last few weeks.

Mr. Davis has chosen (unwisely) to raise the Wright specter in a desperate attempt to take the attention off of Hillary's recent cavalcade of blunders, missteps, and outright lies.

Sorry Lanny, it wont work. The public is on to you and your not-so-fearless leader.
The voters are simply not that stupid, and are bound to be insulted by your assumption that they are.

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Big Yellow Forehead said...

Seriously, I thought we were past the whole Rev. Wright thing. I'm so over it. Barack defended himself quite. I suggest the HRC camp quit adding fuel to the ashes that were once the fire of Wright's speeches, and start worrying about how they're going to defend themselves when REAL allegations start flying about her camp.