Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm have mixed feelings about this.
Part of me wants to cheer Barack for growing a pair and responding (as I would have if I were him) to what was clearly Wright throwing him "under the bus" (which Obama did not do to him).

But part of me is afraid... Very afraid... of the potential fallout from this both in some parts of the black community (where folks agree with Wright's assessment of America), and the voting populous who may see this as pandering to get poll numbers and vote totals to rise.

As a blogger called "Scientific" recently pointed out on TPM, Wright did Obama a disservice of the highest order in his recent comments...

Ever heard the crab-in-the-barrel syndrome? Put a bunch of crabs in a barrel. As one draws closer to the top of his barrel, nearing his escape, one of the other crabs would reach up and pull his fellow crab back down. Another one goes up, another one comes down. This process continues until someone rescues all of them, or they die in the barrel.

For this reason, I'm done with Jeremiah Wright. Barack Obama should be, too.

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Overall, I'm pleased with Obama's response.
Even if this tanks his candidacy, he showed fortitude and integrity.


Big Yellow Forehead said...

I've noticed that a lot of the people saying that the black community is going to disown Barack for "throwing Rev. Wright under the bus" (though I'd say b---- slapping him)are not members of the black community! How can you disown him? He is accomplishing things that no other black man in the history of this country has been able to accomplish. Why does the media want us to think this? Are they trying to convince members of the black community that they should vote for Clinton, or no one at all? Whatever the case may be, I'm not falling for it.

Yes We Can! said...

Those are the same (non-black) asshats that claimed that Obama was not "black enough" in the beginning.

Every POC I talk to was outraged by the way Wright threw Obama under the bus.

Sure, there will be some *cough*Sharpton*cough* who will accuse him of "selling out".

But I don't think nearly as prevalent as the pundits would like us to think.