Monday, June 2, 2008

To any Clinton supporter planning to vote for McCain...

Meteor Blades writes for Daily Kos:

McCainocrats: Eager to Tell Me You Told Me So?

by Meteor Blades
Sun Jun 01, 2008 at 08:00:37 AM PDT

I’m not prescient or plugged-in enough to have any special window on how many of you Clinton supporters who are saying you will vote for John McCain in November will come to your senses by then. Many people I respect think that most of you will. I suspect they’re right. I hope they are. But it’s obvious that more than a handful of you are serious in your vindicativeness and will join Joe Lieberman to support the Senator from Arizona over Obama. That would be the anti-choice, hundred-year-war, two-faced, Republican Senator from Arizona.

Thus is born a new subspecies, McCain Democrats, McCainocrats.

If your shrieking can be believed, you McCainocrats are premeditating ballot support for an exclusive club of racist, union-busting, woman-suppressing, bedroom-peering, rights-scoffing, warmongering, torture-backing, buccaneering, global warming-denying, privatizing, public land-grabbing, Supreme Court stuffing, empire-building, Constitution-shredding raptors. All for self-indulgent revenge. You’re unhappy that your candidate has not won the nomination. I understand that. Mine didn’t win either. But you’re not just unhappy, you're also willing to contribute to the election of someone who stands against most of what your candidate has been promoted as standing for. That, I don’t comprehend at all. Emotionally, intellectually or morally. I get the feeling you would vote for George W. Bush in 2008 if the 22nd Amendment weren’t in the way.

You McCainocrats might recall that you have ancestors.

There were George Corley Wallace Democrats, for example. Whether Wallace was really a racist or merely used racism opportunistically is a semantics game I’ll leave for others to sort out. Having lost an election in which his foe was deeply racist, Wallace vowed never to be "out-ni**ered" again. Until he was reborn and publicly repented of his segregationist ways, nobody could doubt that his policies epitomized Jim Crow apartheid. Because of those policies and his ferocious rhetoric, millions of registered Democrats abandoned the party in 1968 to vote for Wallace, running as an independent against Humphrey and Nixon. Four years later, he attracted droves of Democratic voters, peppering his campaign with racist code phrases (while claiming he no longer supported segregation), and winning six primaries, including Michigan, where the open primary allowed massive crossover votes from independents and Republicans, just as it did this year. After that, he more or less faded away, and most of his supporters drifted permanently over to the Republicans.

There were the Nixon Democrats. The "official" group in 1972, Democrats for Nixon, was led by former Texas Governor John Connally, a conservative Democrat on his way, like so many Southern Democrats of the time, to becoming a full-fledged Republican. They had no desire nor means to restore the Democratic Party to its pre-1964 status. They were on their way out the door for good. And so were the rank and file Nixon Democrats, many of them Wallace Democrats with no home.

Proving that politics repeats itself endlessly, one of the ads put together by Democrats for Nixon showed George McGovern as a flip-flopper on issues such as withdrawal from Vietnam. So, while McGovern was transformed by the Republican Committee to Re-Elect the President from a heroic World War II bomber pilot into a pinko pacifist, fellow Democrats who soon would permanently join that Republican Party made a devastating hit on him, deploying the flip-flopping trope that provided a solid punch against John Kerry, three decades later.

Still, many rank-and-file Democrats, especially Southerners able to trace their party roots to ante bellum days, needed more than patriotic appeals to shift their votes. The "Southern Strategy" was just the ticket.

Watergate put an end to Nixon, and the elections of 1974 and 1976 briefly interrupted but did not reverse the outflow of Republican-cuddling Democrats. Along came 1980 and the Reagan Democrats.

The B-minus movie actor who became an A-plus Republican icon, sprung his campaign from Philadelphia, Mississippi, with a coded paean to states’ rights to regain the Wallace-cum-Nixon Democrats who had voted throughout the Old Confederacy (except in Virginia) for Jimmy Carter in ’76. Reagan Democrats, including fresh recruits among white working-class Democrats from the North and West, liked their man’s tough-talking persona delivered with a smile.

Even when he was redistributing wealth upward paid for by doubling the national debt, breaking unions, demonizing government, privatizing public patrimony, supplying guns to terrorists, and attempting to gut as much of the FDR social and economic legacy as he could get away with, all with harmful consequences for the very demographics most Reagan Democrats came from, they stayed by his side.

There have been Bush Democrats, too, though mostly Mister Bush has just managed to hang onto the leavings of his predecessors, the aged and aging Wallace, Nixon and Reagan Democrats.

You McCainocrats don’t run in a direct lineage from all these ancestors. For one thing, they had issues, many of them unlikable, even detestable, but understandable. You, however, clearly have no guiding philosophy beyond surly revenge. John McCain can’t possibly give you what you want if what you really want is what you say Senator Clinton has been in the running for this year. Only on the margins does he contravene the rightwing cabal that over time seized the party and has now left it in disarray. His discernible stances on almost everything of note are, or should be, anathema to any Democrat who is a Democrat. Much of the rest of his views are just contradictory meandering. When he opens his mouth, you never know which side he will speak from.

I’m no fan of third parties because history shows only one making the leap to even the lower rungs of national power. But I can at least understand voters who jump ship to a third party based on principle and symbolism and hope for a breakthrough in a direction amicable to their beliefs. You McCainocrats, on the other hand, are incomprehensible. Is the idea that voting for another four years of rightwing Republican rule would be worth it as long as you could say: "See? We told you Obama couldn’t win." Does the McCainocrat lunacy embrace the idea that four more years of a Republican in the White House would make Clinton a shoo-in for 2012?

If that’s what your telling me, if you’re willing to force the American people to suffer for your chance to say nah-nah-nah, I’ll have two words for you when you come around looking for my support for any candidate or any cause in 2012 or any other time in the future: Bite me.

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BenThrewItAlready said...


I just had to come see for myself, and sure enough it was true. I suppose you are typical of the group of Obama bloggers reaching out to poke Clinton supporters in the eye one last time before you ask us for our votes.

Naive, well meaning, over idealistic youthful zeal. I can forgive that, but you have become the pot calling the kettle black as it were.

I considered supporting Obama in the beginning, even though I had been a contributor and friend of the Clintons for 14 years.

However, I found the entire campaign staff, at least those I spoke to over the phone, to have manerisms that were borderline thuggish. A lot like I would expect to encounter from a mugger on a Chicago street after dark.

And without so much as any answers to any serious questions I had early on (most were incapable of answering anyway), I declined to IMMEDIATELY contribute, hoping to get a brighter light bulb on a subsequent try. And almost inevitably it was intimated to me in the form of a question that, " Was I a racist?"

Not a drop in this Woodstock heart.

And all that from the comfort of my home!! By fellow Democrats. I was appalled. And my opinions have only been strengthened since.

Now as Obama's Whitewater rapidly approaches the moment the nomination is official, Barry Obama will be just like the Clintons. He will be mired in a Character assassination ploy used by Republicans as a campaign tactic in every election since Nixon, the Bushes, and the Kennedy Assassination.

[These days the methodology has been so well refined as to render bullets completely obsolete, except when all else fails. ]

The Obama camp has made one serious mis-calculation: Pulling the race card very often as a campaign strategy all along. This portends ominous potential abuses on the horizon for as far as I can see.

I don't believe for a second that the Clintons, Geraldine, or even McCain have even one racist bone in their bodies. But I have very serious misgivings about the Dali'Bama. He sends shivers up and down my spine.

He is a divider. Not a uniter. Just like George Bush only on the opposite side that used to be my party.

As far as I'm concerned, I believe Hillary should run independently and take Harold Ford Jr. as her running mate.

I believe 91% of black Democrats and a substantial minority of white people have been "hoodwinked" by a hood from the hood.

If what I believe isn't true, then Barry Obama won't be afraid of a Unity Ticket.

This isn't about unity, though. Is it? Moving forward together united as a party and country for a common goal? This is about Barrack Hussein Obama.

Furthermore, I will not allow the media to pick and choose our candidate for us, so yes, I CAN vote Republican for the first time in my life ever. But only because I trust John McCain more than I trust our own nominee at present.

Until he proves he isn't afraid to to put Hillary on the ticket, he will not get my vote or my friends' votes, nor anyone else I can persuade.

Let's come together in the middle for the good of America, otherwise, I consider Obama another Jimi Carter at the very best, if he can even get elected without our help, votes and money.

I love Hillary Clinton, and even Bill. They made it POSSIBLE for an Obama to win this nomination to begin with.

I negotiated Al Gore's position on the ticket in 1992 in a lengthy conversation with "Chris" during the vetting process. I contributed a lot of good policy and security suggestions and warnings over two administrations.

I warned of and predicted as emminent an ASSASSINATION and sent an urgent alert to the Whitehouse through regular back door channels just 12 hours before JFK Jr.'s plane went down.

For 8 years I enjoyed direct Whitehouse access for a reason. And Hillary knows that reason.
Barrack and Michelle Obama are worried about assassination.

I am "Assassination Politics" and have been known as that in circles for nearly two decades. I am offering myself as a friend of the Obama/Clinton ticket. And no other ticket.

I seek 16 years of solid Democratic rule as the antidote to America's woes.

Play ball with us and we'll play ball with you. It's for the good of the country, Barrack, Hillary,the Party, the American people and the world.