Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Andrew Sullivan sums it up...

As classy as she was classless; as graceful as she was rigid; as generous as she was stingy. And an indicator that he would gladly have her in his cabinet but not on his ticket. The character difference between him and her could not be better exemplified.



BenThrewItAlready said...
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Yes We Can! said...

Note to benthrewitalready:

I have no problem with your comment as a legitimate rebuttal to my repost or Meteor Blade's letter to Clinton supporters.

I have left it there for others to see.

I will not, however, allow you to spam this blog with the same comment posted over and over to other posts where it is out of context at best.

At the end of your rebuttal you said "Play ball with us and we'll play ball with you".

I am expecting you to take your own advice here.