Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Experience you can't get in a subcommittee hearing

Contributed by Woodrow Jarvis Hill

One of the big fights over Obama is the experience issue. The simple
fact is that he has a ton of experience, but not in the ways
Washington Insiders -- or, for that matter, MBAs -- normally
i hope to soon produce some writings on that score. For now, however,
I point to something substantive he's doing, even as this campaign
works on, in working overtime to help stem the tide of brutal fighting
in Kenya. As Crooks and Liars puts it:

"People can certainly come to their own conclusions about
Obama's background and skills. But it's worth noting that the senator
is currently working behind the scenes, reportedly on a daily basis,
to help stem the post-election violence in Kenya, where his father was
born and where his grandmother still lives."

Ding him for many things. But not for lacking intimate knowledge of
how the world really works, outside the purview of policy wonks.

This editorial is printed with permission from Woodrow Jarvis Hill under the creative commons license.

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