Friday, January 11, 2008

Digging in

Contributed by Woodrow Jarvis Hill:

Posted this on a fellow support's blog: 

Fired up! Ready to go!
You have got that so right.

This is when it gets hard, man. And this is when we start to really, truly separate the wheat from the chaff. Our man's gonna need every hand on deck over the next couple of months, and every voice on the 'Net talking up his abilities, skills, and honor.

And when we win, it's won't be because it was a coronation, an easy ride, a glide path to the White House. It'll be because we dug in for the long haul, fought with honor and distinction for every vote, raised up people to believe in themselves, and in hope and greatness in our government, once again.

I said on another site in May of '06 these thoughts when keep coming back to me, when I think of Obama:
I reject that the end game is simply to get a Democrat in the White House in 2008.

I drifted from being an active Democrat because I felt we lack leadership. And, for my money, the way to get back into power is to stand up, and say "I will listen to the people. I am beholden to the American psyche, ideals, and opinions. And this is what I stand for, and what I wish to lead us to do."

I fear I'm not making a lot of sense. But I fear, even more, that simply going for the win will result in Disaster for the Party, yet again.
Little did I know, then, how well, and how honestly, Obama would fit and fill that mold like he was made for it.

Can we change the tone, the substance, and the very nature of politics in America? Yes, we can.

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