Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quickie debate recap...

That, "my friends", was a good old-fashioned ASS-WHOOPIN'!...

McCain: *@#^^%$^#!&(!@%!#&(!%(%!*^@%#!%@^#^!!!!

Obama: Step aside pops. Lemme show ya how it's done.

This was the "hot" debate we've all be waiting for and Obama was on fire.
It was almost painful to watch McCain desperately fumble his way through a botched attack strategy and fall flat on substantive issues.
Obama was so solidly on point that McCain looked like he was going to self-combust due to lack of real details to back up his assertions.

Obama was cool.
Obama was collected.
Obama was thoughtful.
Obama was detailed.
Obama was nimble.
Obama was firm.
Obama was well versed in both candidates' policy points.
Obama showed leadership.
Obama was presidential.

McCain? Was. Angry.

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