Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back from vacation...

And I have a lot to say... But not today.
I've been stewing on a rant about the far-left and the non-issues of FISA-gate, Faith-based-gate, and being-careful-getting-out-of-Iraq-gate.

I may get to that next week. Though it may be counterproductive to bring it up again.
So I may just let it go.

I will quickly say this though... If you voted for Obama, you're getting exactly the man you voted for.
If you wanted a hard-line progressive, you should have voted for Edwards.
If you wanted a far-left liberal, you should have voted for Kucinich.

Obama has always been a left-leaning centrist (the same as Bill Clinton was in the 90s).

Anyway, on to some brighter news for today...

Edwards would 'seriously consider' VP offer

Rebecca Sinderbrand writes for CNN:

John Edwards said Tuesday that if he were asked to accept the vice presidential slot or a cabinet position in a potential Barack Obama administration, he would “seriously consider” whatever the Illinois senator asked him to do.

It has been widely reported that the former North Carolina senator is on Obama’s vice presidential shortlist. On Tuesday, NPR interviewer Guy Raz called the former Democratic presidential candidate’s presence on the list an “open secret,” and asked Edwards whether he’d weigh accepting a vice presidential offer, or might take himself out of consideration as Virginia Senator Jim Webb had done Monday.

“I’m glad to hear that’s an open secret because I didn’t know it,” joked Edwards of his rumored consideration as Obama’s running mate.

“My answer to that is, I’ve run for vice president, I’ve run for president twice. I would do anything that I felt I could do to serve this country but I think it’s a huge presumption for me or anybody else to suggest what Senator Obama may decide,” he said.

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Big Yellow Forehead said...

I read this also. I think he'd be dumb NOT to seriously consider it...

icebergslim said...

Welcome back!!


This Week With Barack Obama

Christopher said...

I've been stewing on a rant about the far-left and the non-issues of FISA-gate, Faith-based-gate...


Are you kidding? Methinks you need to be better informed.