Wednesday, May 7, 2008

McGovern switches to Obama, tells Clinton to get out

CNN reports:

Former Sen. George McGovern urged Hillary Clinton Wednesday to drop out of the Democratic presidential race.

McGovern, who had endorsed Clinton, told CNN he was switching his support to endorse Barack Obama.

“It certainly was not out of any less respect for Senator Clinton,” McGovern told CNN in a telephone interview early Wednesday afternoon about his decision to switch his support to Barack Obama. “I think she has waged a really courageous and valiant campaign. She will have my affection and admiration for all of my days.

“But I think mathematically the race is all but won by Barack Obama and the time has come for all of us to unite and get ready for the general election in the fall.”

McGovern also told CNN he had just spoken to former President Bill Clinton about his decision to back Obama – a conversation he described as “very good.”

“I have had many conversations with him over the years, none better than today," McGovern said. "He did me the honor of talking to me about this. There will be no hard feelings with him or Senator Clinton.”

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Game over. Obama wins.

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Christopher said...

Not only that but the LGBT newspaper, The Washington Blade, who had drooled over the Borg Queen just a few months ago, are pulling their support and telling their readers to vore for Obama.

It's a stunning reversal of fortunes for the Borg Queen.